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I want to let all of the readers of TeenDomainer.com that I have moved my domain blog to BrianDiener.com. A few months ago I turned 20 and could no longer be the "teen domainer". On my new blog, I am still going to be blogging about many of the same topics I covered on this blog including domain sales and development. I am writing from the perspective of a part time domain investor looking to build his business bigger. I hope that all of you will head over to BrianDiener.com and continue reading my posts.

Is Content Still King?

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Without a doubt! (And I am not just saying that because I own a content writing marketplace.)

Google updates have come and gone. Some of my network of sites have been killed, others are still at the top and from what I can tell it is the ones that I updated consistently that survived at the top.  Content is not just about drawing a few more organic visitors, it is about becoming know as the authority in your area. Some of my smaller sites only have 5 pages, but when other sites only have one or two pages dedicated to the topic my sites with updated quality content are going to win.

For example FloridaTunaFishing.com is a new site within the last few months that ranks first in Google in a very small market. There is very low search volume, but a fishing charter is an expensive outing for those of you who have not been out on the ocean so it only takes a few leads a month to pay off.

With this site it is not going to take 10 articles a month to stay at number 1 on Google. It might take one a month or even 1 ever 4 months. I might just do a preview of the next fishing season like tuna fishing for the fall ever few months. As long as it stays current it should stay on top of the other static sites.

After some time of building content you become the go to guide in the industry and from there links and traffic will begin to build on each other. Here is a great info graphic about content for seo.

If you are looking for some new content I would love to talk to you about working with College Copywriters.

How often are you updating your content?

What I have seen from Google Penguin

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The best way I can describe the Google Penguin update is chaos. Having almost 50 of my own websites to look at traffic data, analytics, and ranking reports for has provided me with some interesting insight into how I think the update worked. Each one of my sites was not effected in the same way and I think that is what is upsetting many webmasters. Google said it was trying to remove more spam, but some quality sites got hurt and other clearly spammy sites gained top rankings.

Overall trends I saw on my sites, there is some overlap from groups

Large Sites - Most of my larger sites (10+ articles) held up well. One was hurt, but it was a site I purchased and had questionable content. The long tail results on large sites remained the same or improved. These large site for the most part have good content and also a few high quality links.

Small Sites- These were all over the place with no real pattern, some rankings went up on sites that I had not touched and other sites that had held rankings for a while were dropped off the front page. Sites that had no clicks for months are suddenly showing up in adsense earnings.

Old Sites - My older sites held their ground much better than my brand new sites. Since I have not been online that long an old site for me is anything around a year old, but I think this shows how google is favoring sites that have at least been established and shown some consistency and quality.

Exact Match Rankings - These were the rankings that I think were hurt the most. Some of my smaller sites ranking for their exact match term.

Long Tail Rankings - My long tail rankings held up quite well even on sites where the exact match term lost position.

Overall I think that this update created a great amount of opportunity for new and old sites to rank well.  The update punished some sites that have held high rankings on tons of keywords around the web. My sites as a whole held up well and my earnings have increased slightly. Lately I have seen good news where some sites that I realized lost their rankings are recovering. In the next few days I will give some of my tips to help people rank better with google post penguin.


Back From School and Ready to Go

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I arrived home from Emory yesterday and after a great year I am ready to spend the summer focused on domains and development. I am hoping to apply some of the lessons I learned inside and outside of the classroom to my business.

This summer I am going to focus on a few main projects.

1. Improving my existing sites - I am going to continue to add more content to the sites and tweak them to rank better and generate more revenue. This may include different SEO tactics and also trying new ad networks.

2. Selling names that I am not going to build - This involves reaching out to people who have made offers on the names in the past and also attracting new end users. I am going to be trying to use a va to do this along with other tools.

3. Building out related names - I have acquired groups of names I would like to build out together in markets that I have already had success with. I then went and bought more names in that area and am looking to build out my own little networks.

I am also working on some really cool things using regressions analysis and how they could help price domain names and predict sales values. Lastly in this industry you never know what opportunities are going to present themselves. I know that things will come my way and I will be sure to jump on them. For example the latest google penguin update upset many search results and websites, and in my opinion opened up huge opportunity all over the marketplace.

What are your goals and plans for the summer?

.Me and Godaddy Partner for Scholarship Again and Interview Me

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As some of you might remember last year I applied for and later won a scholarship from Godaddy and the .Me registry. They gave away $100,000 to 10 bright students going into college and this year they are doing it again.


Masa from the .Me team contacted me a few weeks ago to ask how school at Emory was going and to see if I wanted to do a follow up interview to highlight some of the past winners.

View the interview on the .Me Blog!

In the interview I talk about how college and domaining are going. To summarize I am extremely busy at school with running and classes, but I am still doing some domaining. The great thing is that I built sites that earn me passive income while I am sitting in class or out on a run.

Again I would just like to thank everyone at the .Me team they have been so helpful and nice along with everyone at Godaddy for the opportunity and I would encourage any college senior to apply. Applications are due March 30th.

Hopefully I will be able to find some more time to blog soon!

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