TeenDomainer.com Has Moved to BrianDiener.com

I want to let all of the readers of TeenDomainer.com that I have moved my domain blog to BrianDiener.com. A few months ago I turned 20 and could no longer be the “teen domainer”. On my new blog, I am still going to be blogging about many of the same topics I covered on this […]

What I have seen from Google Penguin

The best way I can describe the Google Penguin update is chaos. Having almost 50 of my own websites to look at traffic data, analytics, and ranking reports for has provided me with some interesting insight into how I think the update worked. Each one of my sites was not effected in the same way and […]

.Me and Godaddy Partner for Scholarship Again and Interview Me

As some of you might remember last year I applied for and later won a scholarship from Godaddy and the .Me registry. They gave away $100,000 to 10 bright students going into college and this year they are doing it again.   Masa from the .Me team contacted me a few weeks ago to ask […]

Google Updates PageRank For the First Time in 6 Months

I was just reading on SEO Roundtable that for the first time in 6 months Google updated their page rank numbers. Google says they have been phasing out how much they use pagerank in their algorithm, but I think that the system still is very valuable. If you name has any page rank that Google’s way […]

Google Updates Algorithm for Traffic Estimates, CPC and More

Google announced a week  ago that it was updating its algorithm which runs the Google Adwords Keyword tool and also the Traffic estimator. Personally I use the keyword tool many times throughout the day to check on domain name search numbers, picking titles for websites and when writing articles. I also know that I am not the only […]

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