How Often to Update Your Website

One of the most popular questions and comments I get is how often should I update my website? The answer is it totally depends on the industry and site you are looking to maintain. Some ultra competitive areas might need an article a day or week while smaller areas only take a new article every […]

Alternatives to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The Google Adwords Keyword tool is one of the most useful tools on the web. I almost always have it open in one of my many tabs in chrome. I have begin to also use a few other tools when doing researching for article, domain names, and competitor research. Keyword research is so useful in many parts of […]

Simple Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Recently I was trying to explain basic search engine optimization practices for writers to a friend and freelancer and I could not find a good guide on the internet so I figured I would put something quick together. I am by no means an SEO expert, I just wanted to share what I think could […]

More Lead Generation in 2012

One of my major plans for 2012 is going to be to add a new type of monetization to my network of sites.  I have currently use adsense, various affiliate programs from sites like and, direct ad deals, and now I want to add more lead generation. I began to look for names that I thought would make solid […]

A Great Holiday Season With Product Domains and Amazon Associates

For product domain owners like myself the holiday season is always a little extra special. With millions of people online searching for gifts I always see traffic and advertising revenue increase. With many of my outdoor’s related domain this is always a nice boost in revenue during the winter months which are normally slower for […]

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