Does Developing Domains Hurt Their Sales Potential

To put it simply Yes and No. Most people know that I have developed out many of my domain names into small and medium sized websites. But like almost all developers I have more names that I have time to develop so I keep a number of them parked. On my parked names I have a […]

Why I Stopped Contacting End Users

End user sales are what every domainer dreams about. When I began in the domain industry I would pick up names for $10 and then try and pitch them to end users. I would try and sell them from $250 to $750 and I made sale and a little bit of money this way. I […]

A Funny Story and Great Experience With

A few weeks ago I sold one of my sites to an end user for a value that required the use of an escrow service. I suggested and the buyer agreed. Everything went very smoothly until tried to send the money into my bank account. They claimed they had sent it and when […]

Dropping Product Domains Today

I have put together a nice list of product domains that are going to drop today. I won 5 names today and I need to stop buying to many sites to make now.  The names listed are perfect for a minisite with some affiliate programs, or for resale if you can get a deal on them. Many […]

Dropping Domain I like Today

Hopefully Shane does not mind that I am going to do this again because I had a great response to the post yesterday. (edit) I just saw he did do a list so I’m going to publish this one today but it will be the last unless he plans on staying out late tonight and then I will […]

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