Some Names to Look at Today 6-16

Today for the first time I even included a few .net I think that there are some really good ones dropping and Shane listed some really good ones today too. I have seen some really great names lately and picked up a few. It seems that people are even looking at these list a little […]

Going Camping Until the End the Year

By the time you read this my best friend an I will on the Florida Trail hiking and backpacking for 5 days. We are headed to the Swanee River near the boarder of Florida and Georgia. You may not believe it but the low for that area for today is around 20 degrees F which 14mph winds. Tuesday it […]

Planes, Trains, and Domains Everywhere!

Everywhere I look I seem to be surrounded by domain names. It might just be that I notice them more often than others, but I just can not get away from them. This weekend was a perfect example of my inability to escape domain names. I was running a cross country race in Titusville, Florida […]

Proof Some End Users Still Do Not Get It

Some of you might remember my post about letters I sent out to end users a few weeks ago about buying domain names.  The real letters worked quite well I am just finishing up on my long case study about real letters vs emails and phone calls but so far of the 12 or so […]

Stop Selling Domains to Domainers Look for Endusers!

Packages and letters to be sent out to endusers Selling domains to domainers is futile it is not worth it to sell domains at reseller prices when there are endusers out there. You may turn a reg fee domain into a quick $50 and if that is all you want keep at it. But, if […]

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