FusedHosting.net Sold, Down and Now Back Up

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First I wanted to apologize for the downtime of my blog over the last week. My host FusedHosting.net was apparently sold by the previous owners. The reason I was hosting my sites with FusedHosting.net was because like me they were teens who were running a business online and they had a great reputation for providing great service and uptime.

The sale was kept very private for some reason this is from Jack at Namepros.com

"I apologise to hear of your issues with FusedHosting.net

FusedHosting.net has indeed changed ownership, due to myself and Jack (as well as other staff members) needing the time to focus on critical stages in our education. Me and Jack tried our very hardest to maintain the absolute best hosting service we could offer, and that was shown ten fold in our increase in sales and our fantastic reputation.

As I am sure you can understand due to contracts and legalities, my own (and Jack's) hands are tied. All I can say is the server is the same server as it was before.

Good luck and I hope you stay with Fused. "

The thread goes on for 7 more pages of complaints and people switching their sites away from fusedhosting. I sent an email to the new owners and received a reply quickly that the site had changed hands and they were switching servers, they also apologized for all of the downtime and offered free hosting for a month because of all of the downtime.

It seems that Fusedhosting is back up now and has been stable for a little while now. All of my sites are back up and running smoothly. (Update I tried to post this early day but my site was down.) I would just remind everyone to back up all of their sites and always be prepared for the worst. I will keep everyone up to date on Fusedhosting.net because I know many of my readers host with them. If you are looking for a new host take a look at Host Gator they have one of the best reputations in the industry.

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One Response to “FusedHosting.net Sold, Down and Now Back Up”

  1. Chef Patrick
    September 10th, 2009 @ 7:04 pm

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    I have no patience for a hosting company with down time.

    For the most part I am happy with HostGator, they have their slow moments. Unfortunately the only true way to control the speed is having your own server. I’ll be getting one soon!

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