.Me and Godaddy Partner for Scholarship Again and Interview Me

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As some of you might remember last year I applied for and later won a scholarship from Godaddy and the .Me registry. They gave away $100,000 to 10 bright students going into college and this year they are doing it again.


Masa from the .Me team contacted me a few weeks ago to ask how school at Emory was going and to see if I wanted to do a follow up interview to highlight some of the past winners.

View the interview on the .Me Blog!

In the interview I talk about how college and domaining are going. To summarize I am extremely busy at school with running and classes, but I am still doing some domaining. The great thing is that I built sites that earn me passive income while I am sitting in class or out on a run.

Again I would just like to thank everyone at the .Me team they have been so helpful and nice along with everyone at Godaddy for the opportunity and I would encourage any college senior to apply. Applications are due March 30th.

Hopefully I will be able to find some more time to blog soon!

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One Response to “.Me and Godaddy Partner for Scholarship Again and Interview Me”

  1. Puranjay
    March 27th, 2012 @ 1:45 pm

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    Congrats Brian! This is a great initiative from GD and the .me registry (which continues to surprise me with its marketing chutzpah). Hopefully, you’re acing college just like your domaining career.

    My only regret is that such a scholarship wasn’t available when I entered undergraduate school :(

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