Great Deals at the New Years Snapnames Showcase Auction

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DomainingTips and Snapnames / Moniker have teamed up to offer some great names at low reserve prices. I have looked at the over the list and I think that most of the reserves are low and very fair. Andrei from is selling off some of his domains to fund a brand new project and in doing so he is going to let some of the name go for under market value.

Full Auction List at Snapnames

I have talked about product domains on the blog before and I am a huge fan and some of the names start with a reserve of 200-500

Some Product Domains I like

Many of the domains have age and lots of exact match searches. Use to take a look,,, and all have bids and have met reserve price.

There are many more one word .com's and .net's and also some great .mx domains for sale

Take a look at the great list of names on snapnames here

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One Response to “Great Deals at the New Years Snapnames Showcase Auction”

  1. Andrei
    January 10th, 2010 @ 1:57 pm

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    Thanks for blogging about the auction Brian, there are about 90 great product domains to choose from. For example, there have been 368,000 exact match US searches for the term “necklace” in December and as everyone knows, a necklace is definitely NOT a cheap item (as a result, we’re looking at some impressive affiliate commissions/earnings per click): the reserve for the domain has been met after a bid of only $9,645 and that alone says a lot (the domain has been auctioned at the most recent TRAFFIC event with a reserve of $50,000+) :)

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