IZEA Fest 2009 Day 1

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Right now I am sitting next to Chef Patrick, and we are both enjoying our first day at Izea Fest 2009 which is taking place at Sea World Orlando. Last night we took buses over to Bush Gardens for a scary late night at Howl-O-Scream.

The day started off with a keynote presentation by Ted Murphy the CEO of Izea.

He spoke about building personal brands, one of his first points was to secure your personal brand on all avenues. He admitted that he did not own TedMurphy.com, but he did own all of the other names, and he controls all of the facebook, twitter, youtube, and linkedin accounts for his name.

When you search Ted Murphy on google he controls ALL of the top 10 results for his name! He also spoke about investing in yourself and developing your brand.

Ted Murphy speaks at IzeaFest 2009

Ted Murphy speaks at IzeaFest 2009

Next to speak was Brian Clark, the founder of CopyBlogger.com. He spoke about driving traffic to a site using 3 simple steps. In this order

1. Viral Content - have content that gives value to the reader

2. Social Media Content Promotion- Using twitter, facebook and other sites to get traffic

3. And last SEO- I found it interesting that he said SEO last he says build the content and social first and then worry about the SEO

After Lunch and some marketing people spoke from Sea World and talked about the success they have had using new media to market their new parks and attractions.

They also brought a sea lion into the room which was crazy!

Sea lion at izea fest 2009 orlando

Sea lion at izea fest 2009 orlando

In the afternoon, there was SEO and social media advice given by speakers. With SEO I learned that I have alot to learn and that is a new goal of mine.

Someone pulled up a parked Sedo page on the big screen, and the said well Sedo owns it and you should try and buy it from them. It was the plural name of their website.  Domainers are not even understood here!

If you are here at Izea Fest lets try and meet up.

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  1. Dan B
    October 2nd, 2009 @ 8:23 pm

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    Thank You for giving us a inside look.

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