Review of March 16th South Florida Domainers Meeting

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Last night on March 16th the South Florida Domainers came out in force again and had another great event. We had around 50 attendees at a local sushi restaurant. Many veterans in the industry including Rick Schwartz, Michael Berkens, Howard Neu, Scott Ross, and Chef Patrick were there and it was great to get to talk to some of them and learn from them.  The food was great and a big thanks to Moniker for providing appetizers for all of us; the pork dumplings were excellent!

We tried something new this time and instead of having a speaker, we invited anyone who wanted to participate in a speed networking session. The purpose of this was with over 50 people it is hard to get around to meet everyone, so this way you meet almost everyone and if you enjoyed talking to someone after the networking you can go and have a longer conversation with them.

Speed Networking

The  networking went well the 60 seconds time limit was a little short and the bell was a little loud, but overall it was really nice and I met many people I would not have without doing the speed networking.

Mike Ward, Stu Maloff, and I were also interview by Victor Pitts from for tonight's show about local domain groups that will air tonight at 7PM. A huge thanks to Victor and if you have time tune in tonight!

During dinner I had a great conversation with Dan from JustDropped and also I had another chat with the guys from Bido Jarred and Larry its always great to see them. It was also nice to see some young guys at the event although I was still the youngest by about 4 years I think.

As for the next meeting we are looking into locations now and we would also like to invite anyone who is in the South Florida area to join us next time. If anyone would like to give a short presentation sharing their story in domains or tips or a case study next time that would be great. If anyone has any suggestions, complaints, or questions please contact me anytime.

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One Response to “Review of March 16th South Florida Domainers Meeting”

  1. Mike Ward
    March 18th, 2010 @ 12:57 am

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    Great summary Brian. The only part you left out was the great job you did helping out in the planning, promotion and execution of this event, as well as the last one. I can only imagine the success you’re gonna have when you “grow up”

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