Snapnames Moniker .US Auction Ends Soon Some Great Deals

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The Moniker Snapnames .Us domain auction ends in just a few hours so get your bids in. I only own 2 .us domains but I have my eye on one in the auction that I will keep secret but I will let you know if I win it.

To me the .us is different and hard to value because it is not well known in the US. But for example my city I live in used the .us domain and so do many of the states so there is an authority level associated with it by consumers. I think that because of the low prices right now they might be a good investment that pays out big time in the long run. They rank well in search and can be developed into nice websites and make for good directories.

At this time about 20 of the names have bids, I like, and Here is a link to the rest of the names

Take a look at this video Moniker put out, it would be great to show endusers!

The rest of the names can be viewed on the Snapnames Auction Page

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  1. A
    July 8th, 2010 @ 10:16 am

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    The Rapists .us? Perfect for locating sex offenders in your neighborhood.

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