Some Quality Domain Names Up For Sale on Flippa

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While I was looking at some of the developed websites and domain names on Flippa I found a few nice auctions. Flippa has been reporting some really nice sales and seems to have the buyers on its site with money to spend. In the next week I might try and sell another one of my sites. There is a lot of 50  quality domain names for sale that caught my eye and the auction has no reserve, but is now up to $2,000 with over a day left.

There are some nice .com's but the real gems are the .net's and .org's of which I think many could be flipped. Flipping only 1 or 2 of them would pay for the whole lot of names. Estibot values all of the names at over $400,000

The auction claims the names get 20 to 25 thousand visits a month although some stats would be nice.

Here is the list with my favorites in bold ( CPC - $9 ) ( CPC - $22, Insurance Lead Generation is a Multi-Billion Dollar business) ( $150 Plus revenue in the past 12 months from whyparked. 390 visits a month)

Four Letter Names


You can learn more about the auction here on flippa.

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One Response to “Some Quality Domain Names Up For Sale on Flippa”

  1. DJ
    April 22nd, 2011 @ 8:16 pm

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    Claim visits but according to the listing you are only getting domain names, no content:

    “What you will get? – All 50 Domains and no content”

    Would gave been better if they had surrendered the websites the traffic is going to.

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