TeenDomainer.com Has Moved to BrianDiener.com

I want to let all of the readers of TeenDomainer.com that I have moved my domain blog to BrianDiener.com. A few months ago I turned 20 and could no longer be the "teen domainer". On my new blog, I am still going to be blogging about many of the same topics I covered on this blog including domain sales and development. I am writing from the perspective of a part time domain investor looking to build his business bigger. I hope that all of you will head over to BrianDiener.com and continue reading my posts.

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One Response to “TeenDomainer.com Has Moved to BrianDiener.com”

  1. David
    June 19th, 2013 @ 12:21 pm

    Could you submit your new feed to namebee.com so I can continue following your posts?

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