The First Live Domain Auctioneers Online Auction Results

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The very first Live Domain Auctioneers “Live Online Only Auction” took place yesterday at 3 pm Pacific Time. In case you did not know these auctions are conducted by professional auctioneers all auctions and there is live audio to listen to. All domains will sell there are no reserves all names sell to the highest bidder. Here are some of the top sales.

1. $750.00

2. $75.00

3. $65.00

4. $20.00

5. $20.00

6. $10.00

7. $10.00

8. $7.50

All of the other names sold for less than $5.00.

There were 75 names all of them sold

Total Sales $1113.00 average price per domain $14.84

I think that this auction is a good idea, but a few changes need to be made to make sure that the sales get better. There were a few decent names, but to bring bidders in there need to be a few deals on some great names. There were many names that I think that went under value here for less than $5 dollars. I wish I would have been at home to place a few bids. The next auction is on 8/30/2009

What did you think of the auction format and auctioned names?

Take a look at the full results and the names in the next auction here.

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    August 30th, 2009 @ 6:37 am

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    [...] are holding their second auction tonight at 3:00 pm PST (Pacific Time). If you want to know how the first auction went take a look at my post about it. This auction format is unique because it is an online live [...]

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