Whats Swine Flu, Obama and Susan Boyle Have to do With Domaining?

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Every day I try and go on Namepros and look through what people are talking about and also what people are registering and buying and selling. I only use Namepros not because I don't like any other sites but I just feel I would end up wasting too much of my time. I really like to see the Namepros appraisals section to see what others think of people’s domains.

Lately I have seen way too many trend domains. You should be able to tell but I am not a huge fan of trend domains. Even though SusanBoyle.com is getting lots of traffic right now, in one year will people even remember who she was? If she does not become a famous singer than yes she will be forgotten and the domain will again be almost worthless.

That is my problem with trend domaing, today everything seems to move at light speed what cutting edge yesterday is archaic today. I cannot give value to something that will only maintain its value for a short time period.

I do see a little value in registering the generic name of new technology in the .com or .net to sell to large companies but I have seen names like SusanBoyleExampleKeyword.info for sale! How will that name ever be worth anything unless you develop it into a large site and why in the first place would you develop a .info? A few weeks ago it was Obama names it was all you saw everywhere obama this obama that, searching namebio and ebay, I can find almost no good obama domain name sales.

Right now on eBay there are 7 Swine Flu Names in a package for 20,000 and tons of SusanBoyle names. They are horrible domains without value. SusanBoyle.me sold for $200 on eBay, I just do not see any value in the name. Many people are gambling lots that she makes it big, yet its only the first round of the show. There also might some TM problems with that name if the new owner uses it to profit, but I do not know much about internet law so please correct me if I am wrong.

The point of this post was not to insult any trend domainers but simply to remind people to take a look at the domains they are registering and see if they have any long term value.Don’t get caught up in the trend of the day.

Do you see value in domains like this?

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One Response to “Whats Swine Flu, Obama and Susan Boyle Have to do With Domaining?”

  1. Brian Freed
    May 8th, 2009 @ 4:38 am

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    I have to agree with you 100 %

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