5 Easy Ways to Make More Money off Your Sites

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Many people have either built their own minisites or had them done by another developer. These sites can bring in decent money if the site is built right.

But most people after the sites are built just sit on them and don't do anything. You have to keep updating the websites or traffic and revenue will fall off. Morgan just had a great post on Doubling the Revenue on a Site that is worth a read.

After seeing this happen with a few of my sites I have learned a few simple ways to build traffic and increase revenue.

1. Content - Fresh new content will always be helpful, Google loves it and the users love it. Think about adding a youtube video or some audio to your sites too. Google seems to really like videos.

2. Make the site easy to navigate and helpful- Look on your stats what keywords people are finding your site and show the users what they are looking for they are then more likely to come back.

3. Build links- Building links builds traffic and your rank in search engines, offer to do a guest post on other blogs or a link exchange with other websites in your category.

4. Look for other ways to make money besides ppc ads. I just added an affiliate program to a minisite of mine and have increased the revenue from less than a dollar a day to over $80 last month. Direct ad sales can work very well also. There are many great affiliate programs I like Amazon, ebay and CJ.

5. Using your template buy a similar domain and build out a small network of sites this is great for traffic and seo. I will be doing a series of post on this later after I finish up a small case study.

Overall I think it is easier to increase your revenue on an existing site than building a new site all together and it takes a lot less time. So next time you are going to build another site go around and update all of your existing sites. If you have any questions feel free to contact me below, or at Brian[at}TeenDomainer.com

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One Response to “5 Easy Ways to Make More Money off Your Sites”

  1. Greg Taylor
    January 13th, 2010 @ 3:20 pm

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    “You have to keep updating the websites or traffic and revenue will fall off.”

    Please look further into the true ‘facts’ behind this statement. One resource: “Building Findable Websites” book.

    It all depends on what your GOAL is. How much updating can there be for a site based on a common cold? Just new products? Do cold/flu symptoms change THAT often?

    Take a look at older sites for reference, as well.

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