A Great Holiday Season With Product Domains and Amazon Associates

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For product domain owners like myself the holiday season is always a little extra special. With millions of people online searching for gifts I always see traffic and advertising revenue increase. With many of my outdoor's related domain this is always a nice boost in revenue during the winter months which are normally slower for the seasonal names.

I do not have too many names developed with the Amazon Associates affiliate program, most of mine are on eBay's EPN network but the few that I do always shine during the holidays. The reason is that with amazon's program when someone clicks on your link you get credit for whatever they buy for the next 24 hours. Normally the 24 hours is considered to be too short compared to other affiliate programs. With so many people shopping on amazon for holiday gifts it really works well. It is always fun to look and see what shows up on your commission reports that have nothing to do with your websites content. This year some of my favorites were;

HTC Droid

Book Titled Do It Yourself Hedge Funds

Caramel Cappuccino K-Cups

Bop It Extreme (Did not know they still sell these)

Z7 Women's Serenity Flat

I own no websites that have anything to do these products, but I still got credit for helping amazon sell them! In a more general note about product names I also saw earnings up on my product names monetized with adsense and epn. Even on my parked product names I saw a little more traffic.

If you have undeveloped product domains, my advice would be to start build them out now. This way you will be in perfect position by the time the season of giving rolls around next year.

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One Response to “A Great Holiday Season With Product Domains and Amazon Associates”

  1. Jason Thompson
    January 3rd, 2012 @ 3:04 pm

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    Brian you know how I feel about product domain names. :) Glad to see you generating some income from the Amazon partner network. Product domains are significant and in my opinion will always be significant. :) I love when those random product orders come through!

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