Battle of the Domain Registrars Moniker Vs. Godaddy

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I wanted to do a post that compares Godaddy and Moniker, two of the most popular registrars for domainers. I use both of them to register my domains. Lately I have been using Moniker more just because I feel safer with my name there but I will get to that later.


Godaddy’s normal prices are $10.69 for a .com which is quite high. They sell .info’s for .89 cents right now and .nets are $8.99 a year. With Godaddy one nice thing is the coupon codes they always have a $7.49 .com code or once and a while they do a 2.99 com code. Godday offers almost all domain extensions to register names in. You have to deal with all of their up selling at checkout.

Moniker prices start at $8.02 for a .com and $6.64 for a .net. The .info’s are quite high at $8.02. It is much harder to get coupon codes for Moniker, but you can get special pricing if you are from namepros.


Godaddy’s support is ok, they have a nice FAQ and also respond on twitter and facebook to questions. Their 800 number is a call center is not great and the people do not know what they are talking about. If you send an email it will get responded to but not as quickly as many would like. If you have an executive account you have a personal account rep that is always there to help.

Moniker support is great. When you call up the 800 number you get someone who knows what they are talking about. If you send them an email you get a reply back that answers your question in a timely manner. And best of all everyone gets an account rep, if you don’t have one you can call up or email them and they will assign you one. Moniker is also active on the forums and other sites and always there to solve any problems.


Both Moniker, and Godaddy offer registration of many of the different domain extension. Moniker offers Backorders and domain auctions through their partner Snapnames and Godaddy does their auctions using TDNAM. Snapnames has better names every day, but you can find quality at both places if you look. Moniker does not offer hosting and all of the other offers that Godday tries to up sell you every time you buy a domain.


Godaddy offers basic whois privacy, but there have been many stories of people losing domains at Godaddy from being hacked, not having updated whois info, and names being stolen.

Moniker is the leader in domain security on the internet. The offer their new Portfolio Max lock which basically means that your names are safe. When I use Moniker I just feel much better about my names, even with just their basic security it blows Godaddy’s away.

Who Wins?

Overall I like Moniker and this is because they are there for the Domainers, Godaddy is just so large they tend to overlook people and using their website is just annoying. If you want security use Moniker. If you are looking for the cheapest prices and a name that all end-users know go to Godaddy.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Battle of the Domain Registrars Moniker Vs. Godaddy”

  1. Lazy Domaining
    September 19th, 2009 @ 7:47 am

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    I love both Godaddy & Moniker though for different reasons. When i feel a name can be flipped through Snapnames or is a high value name which needs that additional security, then i go with Moniker. Otherwise i stick with Godaddy.

  2. Patrick McDermott
    September 19th, 2009 @ 1:13 pm

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    I am a NamePros member.

    Are you saying Moniker offers better pricing than the $8.02 for .COM for NamePros members?

  3. Chef Patrick
    September 19th, 2009 @ 6:08 pm

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    I love GoDaddy across the board.

    With GoDaddy I get…
    -The best price on .com’s
    -Great customer service with immediate responses from the executive team

    With Moniker…
    -I wait on hold for 30 minutes plus just for customer service
    -Decent price without coupons but still higher than GoDaddy

    You mention Moniker is active on the forums but you didn’t mention that GoDaddy is active on Twitter. To my understanding they monitor every tweet.

  4. shootdatarget
    September 25th, 2009 @ 4:23 am

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    i am using godaddy, they catch my eyes because of their promotion
    but the cons are they are web design is to lavish which can bring headache for slow internet connection users.
    I prfer bcoz off thier simple design and fast services ^^

    never use Moniker before, thx for the info ^^

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