ClickHeat Free Click Heat Map Software Review

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A few weeks ago I watched a great video on Moran Linton's blog about using image heat maps to understand your visitors better. I did some research and found a free tool that seemed to fit my needs called ClickHeat. It certainly does not have all of the features that many of the paid alternatives offer, but than again it is free and for what I, and many of my readers need, its perfect.

Here are 6 images combined in photoshop on different post over the last few weeks from this blog pasted together. You can see the clicks and what is popular. It seems everyone wants to know about 'My Projects"

I think there are some really great uses for this simple tool.

The first is that almost all of my sites use different templates and when looking at different heat maps I am going to try and improve their designs. Yes, I can look at my different analytics statistics, but there is something appealing and different about seeing your clicks as an image. It just becomes so much easier to see what your visitors do.

The second reason is that seeing the clicks over a week or months time it is so easy to tell which of your pages and sections of your website. Again its the same reason, while looking at textual stats works too, when you see it as an image it is so much easier.

In the end its a very simple way to understand your visitors and design your site and content for them so more visitors return and visit your site making you more money.

What I have seen over my week and a half of testing has already helped me switch up a few design elements and locations on minisites. Its amazing to see the difference between having ads on the left and right sides of pages can make on the click through rate. When used in conjunction with normal textual statistics like bounce rates and return visitors, image click heat maps can be even more helpful.

I am going to wait another week or two to collect some more data on my minisites and then I am going to put together a part two of this report with my findings and some tips to learn from them.

In the mean time you can try the program out on a few of your sites, and best of all it's free! There is a demo on the ClickHeat website, its super easy to set up and use. You have a back end and can log in to see  your images and it does not slow down your site, from what I have seen. If you have any questions about installing it or using it I will try my best to help.

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2 Responses to “ClickHeat Free Click Heat Map Software Review”

  1. Morgan Linton
    January 3rd, 2011 @ 8:54 am

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    Great post Brian and good find! I think that Heat Map software is the key to better understanding analytics data.

  2. David
    January 7th, 2011 @ 10:05 am

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    IIRC WordPress has a sort of heat-map plugin. But it didn’t seem to work for me that time, so I stopped using it for years.

    Maybe I’ll try it again.

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