Different Ways to Pitch Domains to End Users

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When you go to sell a domain name there are a few different pitches you can use to show a buyer why they should purchase the name. With each domain name a end user will be looking for something from the name. Recently trying to sell the same domain name I had two end user who were looking at the same name wanting something different. One wanted the name for the branding and the other one was asking about traffic and potential leads it could bring in, while the other could care less about traffic at this point.

How can you tell what an end user is looking for?

Are they advertising with adwords, do they have an affiliate program, does their domain name not match their brand, do they have a poor domain name? Ask yourself these questions and try and figure out what they are looking for. You can even ask and combine a few reasons. Remember to consider who you are pitching to because that makes a difference as to what they are in change of.


New customers are one of the main reasons someone would buy a domain name and website. When you go to sell a domain and you think the customer will be looking for new leads and customers. This method works well with domain names that get some type in traffic and also established sites. Try and use this pitch with the affiliate manager or even owner. Your pitch should include details about how the name can help their brand and bring in new customers daily. You might want to include search numbers too and the seo benefits.


If you see the company or person you are trying to sell a domain name too using adwords and other advertising types, explaining the domain as another forum of advertising works great. This works especially well if you can get the email for the person in charge of advertising for the company. Compare the "cost per click" to the amount of visitors the name can bring in and how unlike adwords a domain name is yours for as long as you want. It is a one time payment instead of paying per click so over time it will more than pay for itself.


Lets say a company is using a bad domain name that is long, hard to remember, a .info, or all of the above use this pitch. If the company name is even bad they might want to completely rebrand using the new domain name. Tell the end user of the advantages of the name easy to remember, radio tens, looks good on print, people searching for it. Basically how it can help them expand their reach in their respected industry.

Other Reasons

Many people also buy name for various reasons like: Using an exact domain in adwords increases click through rates, the search engine benefits of using an exact match domain, protecting the name to make sure a competitor does not use it.


When you are pitching names many times you should use more than one even all of these reasons to buy your domain name. I just feel that many times an end user responds stronger to one reason than another and if you can figure out which main pitch to use you will have more success in selling your domain name.

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    May 16th, 2011 @ 7:47 pm

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    Trying to convince a customer about the power of a domain name may not always be easy, but they’ll always want it if you promise them a big return! ;)

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