Dress for Success and Some Helpful Hints on Appearance

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They always say the first impression you get of someone is the most important. It is your job to make sure that you make a person first impression of you great.

First impressions do not just count when you meet someone in person, the matter when you talk to someone on the phone, post a video, or even write an email. If you want to be respected as a professional act that way.

When you meet in person, look sharp if you are not sure on what to wear over dress you never want to be under dressed. I always make sure I dress well because as a teen people already have a stereotype of all "teens" so if I look sharp it helps them remove this stereotype. Just doing simple things like the way you talk to others, and your mannerism can reflect a professional attitude. Make sure you are organized and please turn you phone of or on silent.

If you are sending an email or calling someone you do not need to be concerned about your dress, but you still have to be aware of the image you are presenting. Have an appropriate email, too often people tell me their email and it is thebossman2343@somthing.com, keep it simple if you need to have a work and personal email.  Have a signature if you feel the need that looks nice and gives out your contact details. Make sure your phone voice mail is also professional if you share a work and personal phone.  Make sure you use good grammar and spell check. Always use capitalization and don't use the letter u for you and examples like that.

If you have any more tips post them here below and if your local to south florida we have a domainers meeting tonight in west palm see SouthFloridaDomainers.com for more info.

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