Easy Place to Find Great Domains in Auction

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Domaining.com is a great site for many reasons, one of my new favorite tabs to click on is the 'Closing Auctions" tab. The easily sortable list from all of the big auction houses which makes it easy to find domains you want and since I am on domaining.com every day I do not have to remember to visit another website to find names I might want to bid on.

My favorite tabs to sort names by are searches, value, and cpc. When I like to look for names with search data between 10,000 down to 1,000. I recently picked up MagnesiumOil.com for a little over $50 which has over 8,000 exact searches and a $12,000 estibot valuation. When looking for CPC I try and get names over $2 and a little search data these are easy to rank for the clicks bring in good money per click with minisites.

 It seems that godaddy has tons of names that have good CPC and Searches. I have found many good product domains and some geos to sell to end users. I have been able to get most of the names I want from $25 to $150 which is often 5% to 10% of the estibot value sometime less.

Just a tip if you win a name at godady and you have to checkout you have to pay for a years registration and make sure you use a coupon code so you do not have to pay $11.

Just don't steal my camping product domain from me and take a look at the Closing Auctions tab!

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  1. Lethal
    December 2nd, 2010 @ 2:35 am

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    Be careful with estibot estimates many of those sites aren’t even worth 5% of estibot’s estimates, in my opinion. For example compare charlottetown.co ($20 estibot) with charlottetown.com ($7100 estibot). Everything is exactly the same, except that charlottetown.co has more backlinks, a better Alexa rank, is an actual website, and actually exists in search engine rankings!

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