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Elliot Silver started the Domain Questions a few months ago and the site is still going strong. There have been hundreds of questions asked by domainers and many have been answered by Elliot himself or other experienced domain investors. DomainQuestions does advertise on my blog, but this is not a sponsored post. I have really found Domain Questions useful and if any of my readers are new or old domainers that have questions I would encourage them to ask them.

I think that one of the most appealing features of the site that Elliot himself answers many of the questions he has an answer too. Elliot is a very accomplished domainer and has been doing it for full time for a few years now and has lots of great advice. Normally it would be hard for a new domainer to get and answer from someone like Elliot, but he has provided the site exactly for that reason, to help people out with their questions.

Some of the hottest questions have been

What’s the best tool for managing your portfolio?

Should my domain logo include .com?

What plugins are essential for every WordPress installation?

In what countries are the local ccTLDs more popular than .com?

The categories with the most questions have been Buy A Domain Name, Web Debvelpment, and Selling Domain Names.

The site is building up great new advice every single day. In school they always say ask your questions because if you have a question there are probably three other people in class who have the same question but are not going to ask it. I think this is true in domaining too, everyone has similar question so you will be helping out other domainers.

I am going to try and contribute more on questions that I feel I comfortable answering.

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  1. Michael H
    February 25th, 2011 @ 1:38 pm

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    I couldnt agree more. It is a very informative site and Elliot knows his stuff! I wish more domainers were involved in it and asked more questions, but it is building up slowly. I visit it at least twice a week to learn from others questions. I have yet to ask them, I just save all of them for you. hahaaa. Good post, is a great site!

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