How to Turn Twitter Followers Into Return Website Visitors

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Twitter has become an amazing way for me to grow my blog, minisites, and other web properties. For example my @TeenDomainer twitter account has over 7000 followers now. But what can one do with all of ones followers to make them become valued members of ones website?

First Interact with your followers you can read there tweets but try to take it a step further and retweet good post by them and comment on their blogs. Commenting shows them you are reading and will send them to your blog also.

Next Give them Something Special! One might run a special deal for you twitter followers or a contest If you have an ebook or offer a service give them a limited time deal or coupon code.

Then the last step is to bring them to your website and make sure they return, Make it easy for them. Have a RSS feed that is easy to follow, and have an email sign up box for your newsletter. In other words make it as easy as possible for your visitors to return and remember your website. There is a great wordpress plugin called WP Greetbox that is great for that allows you to display a custom message to your visitors depending on where they come from. I use it on my blogs and minisites.

Overall twitter has become a great tool for growing traffic and building leads and connections in an industry. I try and build accounts for many of my developed sites and because many of them are related I can cross promote them and leverage the followers of all of my accounts.

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