Knowing When to Outsource Work on Projects

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Many domainers, including myself, are now starting to develop some of their domains. When developing domains you can either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

I have done it both ways, and built out some of my own sites and I have also paid other to build sites. For me it all comes down to my skills, time, and plan for the site.I really like to hire people to build out minisites for me because they are quick and easy and I do not worry about the little details with them.

I can do a lot of basic work, I have especially worked with wordpress many times but other than that I can not do a whole lot.

When do you want to outsource?

- When you do not know how to do a project
- Calculate what your time is worth per hour and if the project is more than that hire out and save yourself
- When you are too busy or want to get more projects done in a limited amount of time

I hire out for my graphics work, and much of my content writing. For me it is not worth it do write thousands of words of content that I do not know about when I can pay someone cents a word to write quality for me.

Over time I have established a nice list of coders, graphics people, and writers so that one is always available if I need work done.

Many people have asked me where I have found my contacts

1. The best way to find reliable quality workers is to ask others who they use and recommend
2. or other sites like this normally the cheapest way to get work done
3. Namepros I have found a few good coders and reliable people cost is normally more than rentacoder type sites

Outsourcing is a great way to get sites developed quickly without having to spend all of you time on it. It frees up your time to continue to find more names and work on bigger projects.

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