Make it Easy for Endusers and Advertisers on Your Minisites

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Their are a few reasons many of us build out minisites on domains. Most of us use a combination of them

1. To increase the value of the domain and sell it to an enduser
2. To make money of PPC and direct ad sales
3. To get a good ranking and later build out a larger website

If you are using reason 1 and 2 why not make it easy for the enduser or advertiser to come to you?

On almost all of my completed wordpress minisites I add two things. The first is a page that says is For Sale. You can see an examples at my Portable Camping Showers minisite. This then shows up in the main navigation bar. On its page I add a simple contact forum plugin and if the person has any interest in the name they can send me an email. I do not list a price or any other details just keep it simple. The thing I like about this is that to the buyer you are not selling a domain name you are selling a website that earns you money so it should cost more than just the domain alone because you will be loosing the earnings.

The second thing I add if it fits the domain is a wordpress plugin called MyAdManager which is a 125x125 ad program which allows the users to buy and upload their ad right on the site without even having to contact you. I have had many people sign up this way, but I also leave my email if they would like to talk to someone first. The plugin handles the time the ad is run and even sends a renewal reminder email.

Just doing these 2 simple steps can lead to more enduser sales and ad sales that would not have even happened if you did not make it easy for the enduser to come to you. Most minisites get traffic you just have to use it right make it easy for your visitors to see and do what you want. If you have any minisite questions you would like answered just email me.

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  1. Mike
    December 12th, 2009 @ 1:17 pm

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'keywords_time' in /home1/theman37/public_html/ on line 103

    Great find on that plugin! thanks

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