Minisite in a Week Day 4: Making Money off Your Minisites

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Here are the differenet ways to make money off your minsitites. Sorry this post took a little while to get out I went away this weekend for a track meet. We will finish up our sites tomorrow with SEO.

Lead Generation this is the method I chose to use on stump grinder rental. It works well on service names, mortgage ad insurance names, law names and rental names. All you need is a contact forum and people give you their information and you can sell it to a company. Good leads are worth a bunch to companies. You can sell them directly to the clients or there are program that handle everything for you.

Adsense The original way to make money off developed sites. Although it is not as easy as it once was because of the google updates and also user awareness of google ads, sites can still do really well. Names with low competition and high cpc can still earn money.

Affiliate Programs

Often offer a higher payout than adsense. You have to apply to many of the programs and the users have to buy the products instead of just clicking. There are programs for a ton of different types of domains. Stay away from products that might not sell online like a dishwasher.

Amazon A nice affiliate program for products and books they have everything in the world plus more. Payouts are not the best but people trust and know the amazon name.

Ebay Partner Network A combo ppc and affiliate program they calculate your earnings per click based on how your clicks perform.

Selling Your Own Stuff

If you site grows even larger you can look at selling your own products because the margins are better than affiliate programs but it is more work on your end.

Dropshiping There are many sites that have products that you can sell and then just tell the companies where to ship. Just watch out because you cannot control the shipping and product quality.

Stocking you own Items This is what I have done on then you have to ship the items but you handle the shipping, customer service, and product quality control. It’s great to test and ship your own products and the margins are very nice.

eBook, Info Products and Courses Selling your own ebook or video course can be very profitable if you have a quality product. Then you do not have to ship anything or order stock. All you have to do is invest time in making the ebook or paying someone else to do it.

Selling your Sites

Flip You can flip you site after you make or wait a few months and take the stats and earnings and put it on a site like flippa. With a good name and nice design skills it’s not impossible to make a site for less than $100 with a nice domain and sell it for $250 to $1000.

End User

If you name gets ranked then an end user might contact you and offer to buy the name. A sale of an established site will be for much more than a domain name. You can also contact end users to buy the name. This is the way to sell you name for the most money.

These are just a few of the most common ways to make money off your developed sites. Which one are you going to use?

I choose lead generation, adsense, amazon, ebay, and I am going to make an ebook soon for one of my sites.

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5 Responses to “Minisite in a Week Day 4: Making Money off Your Minisites”

  1. Clay Burt
    April 4th, 2011 @ 3:19 pm

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    Nice highlights.
    I still think you are selling yourself short if you are making decent money on these sites – good rankings and revenue should get you well more than net 150 even for minisites. Still like your process though!

  2. Poor Uncle
    April 4th, 2011 @ 4:18 pm

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    Lead Generation – Can you recommend or know of a program for lead gen — particularly interested in able to sell my leads to said program yet keeping the leads on my database as well.

  3. David Williams
    April 4th, 2011 @ 8:37 pm

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    Nice list. I’ve been sticking with Adsense with my minisites for now but am looking to venture out some day. My aim is to get enough sites earning enough money from Adsense that it covers my living expenses and I can then adventure with things like affiliate programs, lead gen, etc.

  4. TeenDomainer
    April 5th, 2011 @ 5:18 am

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    @ Clay that was really just a starting point, I normally start at something like $250 but if it is a new site with no rev $150 is not a bad profit.

    @ Poor What type of domain name?

    @ David Don;t put everything in one basket try a few others and you will thank yourself later. You can make so much more iwht other programs take a look.

  5. Mark The Wordbay Guy
    April 5th, 2011 @ 10:13 am

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    Definitely all these models CAN work, but of course it will depend on the niche. I work with the eBay Partner Network a lot, and that converts great for things like second-hand and collector items etc. But it converts terribly for, say, new furniture. People just want to see that stuff ‘live’ and the choice listed on ebay is pretty limited (well, or anywhere else come to that). But furniture niches do pretty well with Adsense. So it’s swings and roundabouts, EPN can work great, but there is no one single ‘best’ affiliate program, you have to experiment.

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