Minisites Can Show the Path to Full Site Development

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If you haveĀ five domains that you think would be great for development and you don't know how to decide, I would recommend building a minisite on all of them.

Building a minisite is like having a small house you rent out on your prime property. You can make a little money from rent and see how popular your site is with visitors. If your property beings to fill up you will think about expanding. If your site does not make any more its probably not the best one to develop full scale.

Building a minisite has many advantages if you are thinking about long term development.

You can see which names attract traffic and money early on. If a minisite can make a few bucks imagine what a full site could do. Also if it gets traffic but no money you might need to think about different monetization strategies.

You can save on investing in a full site development on a site that might earn nothing and put your money to work on a site that has a better chance to succeed.

You can add an email list and begin to collect names and returning visitors before the larger site goes live. Also the site can being to get indexed in the search engines and build links.

Before you built a huge resort wouldn't you want to see if people even want to come to your location. With websites its the same thing, its nice to see how a name does before investing so much time in building it out.

If one of my minisites does well its a really easy sign that I should add some more content and build the site bigger. If its a site with affiliate products I might look into dropshipping them or stocking them myself.

It will not work in all situations but sometimes a minsite can be a gerat first step down the road of larger scale web development.

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One Response to “Minisites Can Show the Path to Full Site Development”

  1. David Williams
    March 16th, 2011 @ 8:21 am

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'keywords_time' in /home1/theman37/public_html/ on line 103

    Nice analogies. Another great bonus is the fact that getting a website up on the domain (even a minisite) at least gives Google something to index. Then by the time you do get around to developing it fully it will already have some history and hopefully even some backlinks because of the time it’s been online.

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