Pros and Cons of Listing a Price When Selling a Domain

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When I am going to list a domain for sale or send an letter to an enduser I often debate myself if I should list a price. I have talked to many people about the idea and people appeared to be split, I think it does depend on the domain and your plans for the name and its future.

Pros to listing a price with your domain

Weeds out Lowballs
Can lead to quick sales
No negotiation
The buyer know what you are looking for
I have found that with lower price domain it is much better to list a price (Under $1,000)

Cons To Listing Domains With a Price

Discourages offers
You might sell for less than you could have
You are stuck at that one price
People get to make offer that they think is fair

Like I said above it really depends on the domain, with lowerpriced domains I have been sending my end user letters out with prices that I am looking to get. I think that works much better than just having them make an offer out of the blue.

Do you list your domains with prices?

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One Response to “Pros and Cons of Listing a Price When Selling a Domain”

  1. Cliff the Piper
    June 11th, 2010 @ 7:22 pm

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    Like you said, it depends on the domain. How much traffic, how coveted is it? Also, is it a catchy generic name??? That can make it higher. Generally, I use auction format on sedo and set a reserve and let people bid. The person who thinks it is worth more to them will bid higher. So, with a reserve, it’s like I quoted a price that i want but don’t tell the end user. Wait till the bid gets that high then I get the best of both worlds and possibly a higher sale price.

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