Sample End User Domain Sales Call Transcript

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Yesterday I called a few potential end users for four of my domains that I picked this week to try and sell. I think that the telephone is a great way to sell domains especially I feel that some people feel many emails may be spammy or they may just not respond to them. With the phone you get to talk to a live person.

Before I call an end user I do a little research using who is and google to get a little background information on them.

I try and stick to a fluid script so that I get my main points across but do not end up sounding too scripted.

Yesterday it went something like this

Hello my name is Brian Diener I am a (web developer, domainer, domain owner depending on the tech education level of the person) and  I am the owner of the domain name xxxxx.

I think it could benefit, (help, would be of use) your company / business to own domain xxxxx because reasons. (Search Data, SEO, Brandability, Easy of Use Whatever points you want to talk about. )

I am offering this name for sale (name price or ask for offer)

Thank you again for your time

Some time they just say "no" right away, other time they will listen and then say "no". Many times they ask a simple question or two and then I give them my contact information and we move on from there.

I have found it is easier to sell to small and mid size businesses because they do not have 10 different people you need to talk to to get the deal approved.

On the calls I like to keep it simple and get strait to the point. If I get an answering machine I ask them to call me back and leave my number. I use skype, and google voice and once and a while my cell phone to make calls. Skype works really well and is only a few dollars a month for calls and a voice mail box. Do you have any tips to share?

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3 Responses to “Sample End User Domain Sales Call Transcript”

  1. Valentin
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

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    The ‘no’ answers reminded me of a very old marketing tape by Brian Tracy ’24 techniques for closing the sale’ that I watched last month. I think you can find some sample videos on Youtube.

    I really suggest you watch it. You will get a lot of great ideas and it’s funny too. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Chris Nielsen
    September 14th, 2010 @ 8:37 am

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    I think you approach is the best and one that I would use if I was contacting end-users. But I would try making your message even shorter and end with a question like “Do you have many domain names at this time?” or “Have you thought about how additional domains can help your business?” or “Did you know that even a parked domain can be a inexpensive source of sales leads?”.

    Try to give them something they need to respond to that requires more than a simple yes or no. It’s too easy to just say “no” and get rid of you when if they shought about it a little more, they may realize that they do have interest in what you are offering and want to learn more.

    If you are not doing it now, I suggest you ask if they have a minute to talk or if you should call them back later? Showing respect like this will help a lot since most people do not do this when they call.

    - Do you have a sales site that looks professional? ( I don’t yet…) People are going to check you out if they don’t buy right away. Make sure they see things about you that can instill trust. :-)

    - If you are flexible on pricing, don’t mantion a price until you get an idea of their level of interest. Again, it’s too easy to say “no” when the initial price is out of line with what you expect. Talking about price allows more conversation and I think the more conversation you have the better your chances are for making a sale.

  3. domain advice
    February 17th, 2011 @ 3:57 am

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    i have email 600 contact but just 5 people respond and they said “no”.

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