Selling Direct Ads to Affiliate Programs or Improving Your Commission

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I am going to explain how to sell direct ads on your sites and also increase your affiliate commission rate with just a few simple emails.

On many of my sites via the contact page I frequently get the email that goes something like this

Hello site owner my name is John Smith and I am the affiliate manager at company x. I searched “your keyword” on google and found your website. I would like to invite you to join our great affiliate program. We offer this… Here are the reasons to join … Let me know if you have any more questions.
John Smith

I will take a look at the program and many times I will even sign up for the program epically if the commissions are above Amazon’s. For many of my product sites affiliate offers will convert better than google adsense, and adding affiliate offers does not mean you have to change or remove your adsense and other ads you have unless the program requires it. So it’s a bonus without much downside.

I then reply to the email saying I signed up and added the links with a few examples of pages from my site. Then I ask if they would be interested in purchasing a direct ad placement like a banner ad on the top of the site or the homepage or other paid placement. This would give them more traffic and also help raise brand awareness of their site. If it just a small site I would just change a small amount per month.

Many of the websites that are emailing people about affiliate programs also use adwords to drive traffic. You can look up what their cost per click is. When you explain it in terms of paying per click and can offer them a lower cost with more targeted traffic it seems to get through to them better.

Many times the affiliate manager will not be able to make that decision or will not want to pay for an ad. You should then ask to email the person in charge of adsense advertising for the site.

An alternative I really like is to ask for a higher affiliate commission. The sites normally have some leeway in the commissions they pay. This way they have to pay nothing up front and if your site does drive sales to them both parties are better off. Sometimes I compare their commission rate to another affiliate programs and ask if they can match or beat it to make it worth the switch.

Just something to consider next time you get those emails asking you to join an affiliate program. Who knows it could also lead to bigger things down the road like a sale of the whole site and domain or partnership.

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