SEO Warning: Overuse of Keywords in Url’s

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Developing exact match domain into websites has so many SEO benefits and other branding bonuses, but you just need to be careful you do not over stuff keywords into your url because it will appear like spam.

The general rule I have found by searching the Internetand SEO blogs and forums is the maximum amount of times to have any keyword in a url would be two or three max.

This seems like not a big deal, but this week when I was building my Spy pen store I had categories set up like / spy pen/ 4gb spy pen . That could be considered keyword stuffing by the search engines and my site might be penalized in the results. I fixed this problem by simply changing the permalinks just to postname  so they now read / 4gb spy pen/ I still get my main keywords in the url and the url is shorter and there is no way google will mark it as spam.

Because exact match domain already contain the keyword it is easier than you think to over stuff a keyword into your url's. I went back and checked some of my product domain that I though might have similar issues.

It just something to keep an eye on when building out websites to make sure you have the best chance possible to rank at the top.

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