Simple Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Articles

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Recently I was trying to explain basic search engine optimization practices for writers to a friend and freelancer and I could not find a good guide on the internet so I figured I would put something quick together. I am by no means an SEO expert, I just wanted to share what I think could help many writers.

First and foremost content is for the visitors so write it for them not the search engine spiders. As long as you write quality content that provide value to the visitors the rankings will come. That being said there are a few things you can do to help yourself out.

Beyond Keyword Density

There is always a huge debate over how many time the keyword should be used per article, and my view is that main keyword should be used however many time it naturally comes up. If the exact keyword is used over 4% that would sound bad, I like to keep the density under 2%. Keyword density is no longer very important to search engines, because now search engines can identify related keywords and phrases. But, it is still an easy way to check an article and there are many tools to do so with.

All content writers should use the SEM Rush Keyword Search, Google Keyword tool, and LSI Keyword Tool to find keywords to add to their articles. All they have to do is type in their keyword and find a few related terms to use. Pick some with high search number and a few low hanging fruit terms with only a few searches. Then just add them naturally into the writing and the article will be more targeted and useful.

Using Sub Headings

When starting a new section give it a sub heading. People one the web love to skim content. Search engines also place more weight on headings so make sure they are relevant and contain an important phrase.

Be Bold

As with sub headings, bolding important keyword makes it easier for people just to skip to a part they want to read. Search engines also place more importance on bold text. So bold a few keywords and important facts of the article.

Stand out with Images

If each freelancer I worked with added an image they found from a free stock photo site, I would love them forever.  It would save me a ton of time and would really make them stand out from the rest.  Readers love images and it makes the site and article look much better.

Include a Meta Description

Another thing that all writers should include is a description with their article. A meta description is the box that comes up under the page title on google each results. It is only 160 characters long and should include the keywords on the page and tell visitors what they will find on the page and why they should click on your link.

Learning to Link

If a freelancer knows the site they are writing for well they should start to link out to older content on the site. If a keyword comes up that you know has been covered in the past, link out to the old article. Also if there is relevant link to another site it is fine to include it as long as it adds value.

What else would you like freelance writers to know when writing for you?

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