Some Basic Domain Minisite SEO 101

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Minisites are some domainers answer to declining parking revenue and they also work great for long tail domains that receive no type in traffic . They work the best with exact match domains meaning that if you are trying to rank for the term “Teen Domainer” you are using Google and other search engines give extra weight to exact match domains.

I have recently developed a few minsites and I am earning money from them and they are ranked in the top 3 for their terms. Exact match domains are a must for a small minisite.

This is part 1 of a short series I am going to do on some basic SEO tips and terms for minisites but they will work for other sites in general.

  1. Pick 1-3 Main keywords to try and rank for
    1. These will be the main topics in your content on your website
    2. These should be targeted enough where you will be able to rank up top in the results but not too small where you will not see any traffic from them.
    3. Use the Google Keyword tool to help you determine some keywords.
  1. Content – You need quality text to draw the visitors and spiders to your site
    1. Get unique content search engines punish your site if you have copied all of your content from other sites.
    2. Make sure you use the terms you are trying to rank for in your content SEO’s say anywhere from 2% to 15% my thought is just keep is sounding natural and do not try and force your keywords in your content.
    3. Each page on your site will be trying to rank for one main term keep that in mind.
  1. Titles make sure your Page titles are not something like index make them relevant for the page and terms you are trying to rank for
    1. Each page on your site should have a unique title
  1. Page Descriptions are exactly what they sound like they shortly describe what the page is about
    1. Keep them under 180 characters
    2. Do not stuff them with keywords
    3. These will often show up in the search engines so make sure they read smoothly and make sense

  • SEO Friendly Page Titles
  1. Are a must instead of naming your page name it
  2. This way search engines and visitors know what your page is about
  3. Try and keep your url the same as your page title

That’s about it for part 1 I just wanted to lay down some basics, in parts 2 and 3 I wil get more detailed and will also talk a little bit about wordpress SEO and image seo. I am also going to share some results from my new minisites. If you likes this please tell me I know its ultra basic for many people

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2 Responses to “Some Basic Domain Minisite SEO 101”

  1. Jimmy Drive Cheap Traffic to Your Minisite
    March 1st, 2010 @ 10:15 pm

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    Just came to ur website from PPCIan’s tweet. Looking forward to Part 2 and 3. Hopefully you can share some great techniques to get the rank high quickly and how to monetize the site!

  2. TeenDomainer
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 9:47 am

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    Thanks for visiting, I should have part 2 out some time later this week. I will gladly share some tips.

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