Telephone Calls To End Users

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Today I sat down and finally made some calls to end users. For me I normally go with an email or real letter just because of the simple fact that I am in school during the business day. This makes it very hard for me to talk to a real person. I do not think my parents would be to happy to find out I was skipping class to call and try and sell domain during the school day. :)

Today I decided to try and leave messages on the offices answering machines.

My normal script went something like this

Hello (Name of Person) my name is Brian Diener and I am the owner of domain name. This name could help you rank in the search engines like google  for term xxxx and allow visitors to find your website easier. Its easy to remember and sounds professional. The name is registered at godaddy and it is free to transfer it to your account. I am looking to sell it for $xxx but I am willing to look at offers. If you are interested or have any questions please give me a call at...

I tried to keep it simple and short, no one likes to listen to a long voice mail. I think it is much better to talk to a real person but in a few days I will report the results.

Elliot just wrote a great post about trying to sell a hang registered domain you might want to check out here.

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3 Responses to “Telephone Calls To End Users”

  1. Mike Law
    September 14th, 2010 @ 7:51 am

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    Good luck with the calls Brian.

    Just yesterday I was on the phone pitching a geo+realestate domain name to a real estate agency. The agency is made up of a husband and wife. The wife is sold on the name, now the hard part convincing the husband. When I reached out the first time on the phone I spoke with her. I called back after the weekend and spoke with her again but she said her husband wasn’t so keen on the proposition. So I asked for his cell number, which she gave me no problem and I called him up. After he realized who I was he was about to hang up but I drew enough strength to keep talking, the domain is a strong name and I convinced him to stay on the phone … I gave him all the reasons and he even said “you have a good point there..” when I mentioned the domain age and seo value. We ended the conversation with him thanking me for the call and he said he’ll be talking with his wife… I’m expecting a call back today ;)

    When pitching on the phone, stay polite but firm in your belief that they SHOULD buy whatever you are selling. Don’t be pushy but be direct and pull out all the stops once you have your target client on the phone. I could go on some more tips on cold calling to sell domains but I better get back to the grind. ;)

  2. About to be 20 years old Domainer
    September 14th, 2010 @ 9:45 am

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    Cold calling just ain’t worth the effort. I find emails can close $XXXX deals much more easily. People just won’t be convinced to drop a few g’s over the phone

  3. Attila
    September 26th, 2010 @ 4:44 am

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    How about try calling the prospect and telling them you have and that you want to email them some information about how this domain will triple their business. Make sure you’re talking with the manager, owner, or someone who actually will bring this to the decision makers table. A secretary or some random worker who gets paid minimum wage is less likely to do their job on an accurate level, if you know what I mean.

    Of course they will want to know how it can triple their business so they will give you their frequently used email address. Send them the marketing details (search engine exact searches, competitors, likelihood getting to top rankings, how long, how many competitors in the industry, so on) and then once you got them interested, give off the price and an easy way for them to make payment almost immediately via the email. Don’t wait for them to reply back saying its too expensive. Don’t use “we will hold this price for 10 days” – simply say that you’ve other interested parties (their competitors) that you’ve contacted and that you believe in the first come first serve rule.

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