The Benefits of Sticking With a Niche with Domains

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Many domainers stick to a certain area of the domain market either because they knew something about the market before domaining or because they have leaned something about it and cornered their market.

Personally I have a small niche that I buy and develop some domains in, but I do not limit myself to just that. I am a huge outdoor fan and I love to go camping and backpacking so when I see a related domain I will pick it up when I can.

Their are some great benefits to domaining about a market you know

  • If you know the market you are an excellent judge of what names are worth. If people in the industry have special terms or use certain language more than others your inside knowledge will help you make better decisions about domain than other domainers.
  • Being involved in one market for a while will allow you to get to know the big players in the industry. When you know the big companies and people at them you can yous your reputation to sell more domains, ad spots, ect...
  • If you build up a domain business in one industry you can become the expert and go to guy in that industry that everyone else follows

My advice would be to do what you want and know. If you did or do something before domaining use what you know. You do not have to only be in one niche take a few of them if they are small. If you don't know something about a niche and you want to be involved in it read a book research online for a few hours. You can find a plethora of helpful information online.

Building up networks of sites and linking them all together you will gain SEO benefits and more visitors will find out about your other related sites. If you know and like a niche I think you will be more motivated to work in it which will help you earn more money. One blogger who has been posting about building up related networks of sites is Domain Blog. They have done a great job of building out sites about related topics and have shared some great tips with the industry with their blog.

What Niche are you involved in?

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