The Best Domaining eBook Ever?

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Best Domaining eBook

Just recently I read an eBook that simply amazed me. Most eBooks you read these days are short 30 page books with little content that you could have found easier on Google. Morgan Linton’s Domain Flipping: How to Profit From the Domain Name Boom is the best all around domaining eBook.

The book is very well written and flows smoothly from chapter to chapter. This book has over 100 full pages of content all about domaining. It also features screenshots and sweet graphics that explain hard concepts. It begins very basic but then goes into more advance sections about domain sale negotiations and website monetization. It shows you the right names to flip and how to increase Google Page Rank. One of the best sections is on how to make a business by selling websites to people.

The Book Has Just Been Updated for 2009

Some topics in the book are;

- How to host hundreds of domain names for under $10/month
- Find hostings service that include free email accounts
- Uploading your website to the server, creating remote directories
- How to pick the right domain name to Flip
- What makes one domain name more valuable than another
- The secrets to domain name research
- How to use Sedo to gain valuable insight into domain name values
- How to buy a domain and where to find good names online
- What specific elements comprise a Flipped website
- Use free tools to make your website interactive
- Create loyal customers and turn your Flip into a business
- How to monetize your Flipped sites and generate passive income every month
- How to generate *free* traffic to your domain
- Google Pagerank explained as well as how to increase your Pagerank easily
- Using Blogs to increase awareness about your site
- Building sites that connect with users
- Getting targeted traffic to your domain - never pay a traffic generation service again!
- Where to sell your domain
- Step-by-step instructions on how to sell your domain online

Overall Morgan’s book is a winner. Everyone can learn something new from it and increase their earnings. It is the perfect for the new domainer because of its detail. Morgan is a great guy and he offers a no questions asked 56 day money back guarantee. This book got great reviews by the community because of the insight and value it offers. The book will cost you $49.95 which you should be able to earn back within your first sale. If you have any questions about the book just comment or email me. You can buy  Morgan Linton’s Domain Flipping: How to Profit From the Domain Name Boom Here.

Morgan Is Also Giving Away a Free Audio Course Here!

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