The Perfect End User Letter (Well it’s a Work in Progress)

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I am back from Chicago now and need to get back into the blogging routine. It was a great band trip, had a lot of fun and our band kicked ass. We won almost every award and my jazz band won a nice Gold 1st Place trophy. I play alto saxophone in case anyone was wondering.

Back to the article, in the past few weeks I have been trying to send out more end-user letters which seemed like a hard task but, I make a plan of how many letters I want to send a week and make sure I get it done. Once you come up with a letter for a domain it only takes a few seconds to send it to the next person. When sending the same letter to different people use a Blind Carbon Copy or BCC so they do no know you sent it to more than one person.  I made a folder with all of my letters to keep them all in one place.

When I send out the letters I first go look up the domain owner I want to send the letter to. Using whois data I send the letter to all of the contacts if the email is different for all of them. Then I go to the website and click on the contact us and send it to that email. If I can find the CEO or owners email I will send it there too. Who else do you send it too? With my letters I have gotten emails back from the website tech guy who says he is not in the position to buy the domain and I have not heard back from many of the CEO's. The best seem to be smaller business Owners who respond, but often they do not realize the value of a domain yet.

I like to keep my first letter short and sweet while still providing information. First I introduce myself and the domain. Then I explain how a domain can add value to their business and how the specific domain can help them earn more or build their brand. I alos mention the SEO value. If the domain has traffic I will mention it and if it is indexed in google. If it is a generic domain I will mention the google searches per month for the term. I end with would you be interested in learning more about this domain? And then a "Thanks for your Time " my name and email signature.

I don't mention price  I learned my lesson on that. I always give my email and phone number just in case they want to call me, no one has yet.

If they respond I will include a longer letter with more information about the domain and then ask for a price or ask them to name a price and then I work from there.

Have you tried calling business and inquiring if they want to buy your domain?

What's your letter look like?

Later I want to combine all of the comments and make the Master Letter Template for endusers

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2 Responses to “The Perfect End User Letter (Well it’s a Work in Progress)”

  1. Jeff
    April 7th, 2009 @ 11:41 am

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    Good post, when I send out the emails I include a link to the sales page at sedo for the domain name. I normally put the asking price at sedo around twice as much as I’m willing to accept for the domain name. If you do this be sure to park the domain at sedo, and factor in the sedo commission in your price.

  2. Zonqor
    December 11th, 2010 @ 7:13 am

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    When you include a link in your email it could easily be picked up as spam and therefore will never be read.

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