Tips on Outsourcing Link Building and SEO

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Using sites like it has become very easy to outsource some of your seo work. I say some because building links is something you need to be involved with and do yourself. I always email other site owners myself asking for a link exchange, but article directories, social bookmarking, blog comments (if you find the write person) and other tedious seo steps can be outsourced.

I have worked with a pretty good amount of workers on outsourcing sites and have developed some tips to make sure your projects go according to plan.

- Be Detailed.

Some people just write I need 500 links you really do not just want 500 links you want 500 links from related directories, blogs, articles, and other sources. When I ask for 500 links I say  I want 150 from this, 200 from this, 50 from this and 100 from this. I give examples of related directories and also give them the articles to submit each name too. Also in the posting set a time limit and any other details.

-Ask for a report.

This ensures you get what you paid for and allows you to see exactly what they did. I ask that every links url be on the report along with the title used, and if there is an account associated with it what the password and username is. I also ask for the date the link was added and if it is pending or approved. I will put up a sample that you can send as a guide for your employee.

-Set a deadline.  and Ask for updates weekly.

At the beginning tell them when you want the project done. Be fair and do not rush it but do not let it drag on forever. Weekly updates are nice so you know your site is being worked on. I have my guys send over a report every week so I can see what they have done over the week.

-Reward good workers.

This makes them loyal and keeps them working for you. They also do better work if they know them might get a bonus. Most of the job sites make it really easy to send a bonus and give good feedback. It really does not take to much money to make someone happy to be working for you.

-Measure your results

When I stat working with someone on a site I take down the position in Google, and Bing for all of the major search phrases I am trying to target and then after the campaign I will review them to see how well it worked. This is great for reviewing your self and also the outsourcer.

-Do not have the work done in one day. Have the worker add a few links a day, if all of a sudden a site gets 500 links in one day google is going to view it as spam so make sure you ask that only a few links be added per day.

Just a few links when trying to rank for a non competitive domain go a long way so give it a try. Do you have any tips or questions about outsourcing SEO?

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