Unusual Methods of End User Contact

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In the days before I was born people sold domain's using sticks and stones, when I was still an infant they began to use snail mail, then came calls and now we move beyond even email in methods of end user contact. In all seriousness, I wanted to share a few ideas I have had about using different methods of contacting end users trying to sell them domains.

Friday, when I was sending out emails for a domain I picked up off the drop a few months ago when I ran into a problem. There was a business that owned tons of names very close to mine, but they were in a lower extension or had a hyphen or an added word. (I own the .com exact match for what the sell) Each site was different but they all had a few things in common. They had no contact information on the site and were all had domain privacy turned on. They all also had a youtube video on the home page.

I was frustrated that I had no way to contact them, and then I realized you can send messages via youtube. I logged into my long forgotten youtube account and sent off a quick message.

Social media is becoming a way to do business online, it connects everyone in a few central places like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, ect...

I have sent end user emails to people and companies via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and now even Youtube. I have sold a few names this way and also I don't have exact stats, but from what I have seen people respond more to a Facebook message than an email even if they do just say no.

I like using social media because

-Social media adds a trust factor, while a person might be a bit startled that you found them on Facebook they will soon see that you are not a scammer but a real person with friend, and interactions. Your profile puts a picture to your name or email address which builds trust.

- Email accounts may not be checked or even valid on whois, but not many people allow their Social Profiles to get out of date so it is much easier to get current contact information on someone via social media than traditional methods.

I am going to try more to contact end users via social media to see how it goes. Do you think this is crazy talk from a 17 year old or have any of my readers used social media to contact end users or sell domains?

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One Response to “Unusual Methods of End User Contact”

  1. Leonard Britt
    November 15th, 2010 @ 11:40 am

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    One must constantly be looking for innovative ways to do things. Perhaps not new but another idea is to have a landing page at least for your higher-end search-phrase domains. A landing page can visually illustrate how a domain might be used – sold two domains this month which were landing pages with relevant Youtube videos on them.

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