Using Google Adsense to Find Potential Direct Ad Leads

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Lately I have been trying to switch more of my established sites over to offer some direct ads. I thing that direct advertising works much better than adsense because you are guaranteed payment.  I am trying to sell small banners, text links, paid post, and 125x125 ads on many of my sites.

Even just a minisite can be a great spot to sell an ad. If you have traffic and quality content you should look at doing direct ad sales.

To find potential leads for the direct ad sales I look at the ads that show up on the google adsense on my website. If  I do not have adsense I look at the google sponsored search results. These companies are already advertising for your term and on your website. You can offer to sell them an exclusive ad in one place and they will not have to go through google for a monthly fee.

Big Tip: Make your price fair, possibly lower just to start the relationship off on a good note. Determine what they are paying per click on google and estimate how many clicks they will get with the ad. Also explain that their ad will be seen by everyone that visits the site.

If you really want to be nice offer them a month free to get them to sign up or do a buy one month get one free. This way they feel like they are getting more value.

I think that direct ad sales are great and in near the feature for most of my sites. All it takes is a simple email and with a little work you can have stedy income that beats adsense every month for me.

P.S. It also helps if you have an authoritative domain name!

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2 Responses to “Using Google Adsense to Find Potential Direct Ad Leads”

  1. Jake
    December 15th, 2009 @ 3:03 pm

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    Happy Birthday Brian!

  2. Caramoan Tour Package Blog
    December 24th, 2009 @ 1:04 pm

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    I recently added an Adsense square ads on my travel blog. my adsense earning is still low since i dont have large volume of internet traffic yet.

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