Why Product Domains Make Amazing Minisites

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When people search for a product online they are looking to either buy or find out more information about the product. A minisite on a product domain can offer the visitor with information about the product and give them a link to buy it.

Visitor Intent

When a visitor searches for a product on a search engine they are proactively looking for information on it. The visitors almost want to click on your ads! Using ebay partner network or other affiliate programs like amazon or commission junction on minisites I am able to display no- intrusive advertising for the product  that does not seem like an ad at all, but provides the visitor with what they are looking for. If I have a site about European History during the dark ages it may be hard to get my visitor to click on adsense ads, but this is not the case with product domains. I do not even bother with adsense on most of my sites, I use ebay or amazon ads to show the visitor a great deal  while getting paid for showing them what they are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization

Because all the names I develop are exact match domains , mostly .com’s but also .net’s and .org’s they rank very easily in google, bing, and yahoo. There are still tons of product domains to buy for cheap and also to hand reg. If the number of searches for the exact terms in the domain receive from 1,000 up to around 4,000 searches using the google keyword tool, I can almost assume that my site is going to be ranked on the first page, most of the time in the top 5 listings in the major search engines. This is not exact because of different competition for each sets of keywords as some keyword are much harder to rank for than others. I am using wordpress with the All in One SEO plugin and just writing a few quality 300-500 word articles. I might do a little link building using my other sites, but normally very little. This is something that I would like to do more of in the future.

Value to End Users

When you own a product domain you in a way own that product online. If someone per say wanted to sell USB Powered Speakers online the optimal domain to do so from would be USBPoweredSpeakers.com. SEO Firms and every day businesses are beginning to realize there value. On many mini-site I develop I add a link “This Domain is For Sale” that links to an email contact forum.


If one of your product domains shows potential it is easy to expand it into a larger operation. These days drop shipper’s ship about every product known to man so that you never have to carry an inventory or deal with the hassle of ordering, packaging, and shipping products; all you have to do is file the order the order with your drop shipping supplier and they handle the rest. And you set your price and determine your markup. If you really wanted you could order products yourself and set up a real online shop on the website.


I love building out product domains.  I have had success building out my first batch of product domain and in the first 2.5 month the names are already producing over $15 a month on average. My best site out of the 5 I developed is on track to make over $50 this month using eBay Partner Network. All of these names were making $0 a month parked and I spent a little of my time building them out and now they produce monthly income. My next step is to build out more sites for myself and I might also build a few out for readers who emailed me asking if I would.

What do you think about product domains?

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7 Responses to “Why Product Domains Make Amazing Minisites”

  1. tim davids
    March 29th, 2010 @ 7:20 am

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    your on the right track. Product domains are fun to collect and even better if you like the subject.

  2. Anil
    March 29th, 2010 @ 10:14 am

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    “When you own a product domain you in a way own that product online.”

    I like this statement and it is very true.

  3. TeenDomainer
    March 30th, 2010 @ 7:03 am

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    @Tim Thanks, they are fun and seem to sell well and work great when they are developed.

    @Anil Thanks When you own the domain of something you are that thing online

    Thanks for reading everyone!

  4. Amanda
    April 27th, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

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    I think product domains are great and that you are very smart for building them out. I’ve realized the same with my domains. Parked pages are crap. So much smarter to build. Thanks for sharing your success thus far. Gives me inspiration to build faster.

    One of my favorite observations compliments of Rick Schwartz:

    “A domain making $10,000 a year is like having $1 Million in the bank at 1%, $500k at 2%, $250k at 4%. The safest places to put your money are likely paying close to 0%! So a domain making just $27.40 a day with a history really is an attractive investment today and one that should be exploited.”

    Keep building and best of luck to us both! ;D

  5. Todd Johnson
    June 12th, 2010 @ 2:42 pm

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    TeenDomainer –

    What tools are you using in building out these sites?


  6. Product Domains
    July 16th, 2010 @ 1:23 pm

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    Awesome post Brian, the strategy is extremely effective at gaining rankings. All you need are some links and three or four pages with 500 words each.

    I have over 300 product domains, most of them are not developed. If Brian or anyone is interested, they are listed at ProductDomains.net



  7. Medical Acronyms Guide
    March 2nd, 2011 @ 8:05 am

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    Now I understand why it seems that domains for sale are product specific. But I think you need to always be on guard regarding site trustworthiness. Sooner or later, if people doubt the sites credibility, it will loose traffic.

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