Sell a Domain with a Website to Endusers and Get More Money

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When selling a domain to an enduser if the domain is undeveloped or even parked, to the enduser it appears like you are just selling a domain.

If you have taken just a little bit of time and put up a quick minisite, wordpress blog, or even just a news aggregator the end user now is under the assumption that he is buying a website from you.

How will this enable you to sell your domain for more?

First there will be traffic and search engine rankings that increase the price of the domain

If you are earning any money at all the enduser is in a way buying a small part of your business from you and to many endusers this will justify a higher cost that they would have paid for a blank domain.

I am in talks about a domain name right now with a company about buying a domain and they do not call it a domain. They said "We would like to buy your website from you." The site is just a quick little minisite I put together, but it is going to make the sale larger that it would be if it was just for the domain. I might not even be in talks right now if I had not put up the minisite but that is another blog post.

Some quick ways to put up a minisite

I love wordpress and RSS fed news sites work great in many cases
Bruce Marler is launching soon

I hope this information helps you get more money for your domains!

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One Response to “Sell a Domain with a Website to Endusers and Get More Money”

  1. chris
    November 16th, 2010 @ 9:55 pm

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    good tips! I cannot agree more that it is extremely important to create SOMETHING with domains that people have. Having them just sit there does absolutely nothing.

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