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For more than a year,'s have been a hot topic on popular domaining forums.
But is there really value is That question is asked often, but what about, and similar names?

Many try to sell these names saying they are pronounceable, or they have alot of end-user potential.

twkr = twucker?

You have to be a pro to pronounce that. And if there was truly end-user potential, why would you be marketing the name on a forum for $25-50?

But this post isn't going to be a complete rant.'s and's have been doing great, and with good reason.
Most CVCV or VCVC domains are easy to say, and easy to remember. Many of them are very "web 2.0" sounding, and I think that appeals to alot of internet savvy people.

Many's are valuable too. The advantage of LLL's is that they don't always have to be pronounceable. There is much more end-user potential with LLL's than LLLL's, in my opinion. At the same time, just because a domain name is 3 letters long, shouldn't make it worth $5k automatically. There are still alot of LLL's that will probably never get into the hands of an end-user. They will probably just get passed from domainer to domainer.

Here are the short domains that I feel are good to invest in:'s that have google results.'s &'s that you can read & say without doubting yourself.
2 Character Names. Even NL' or LN's. These always have end-user potential.

If you have something you feel I should add, or you want to throw out your 2 cents, feel free to leave a comment :-)

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