A Few Dropping Names I like today

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A mixed list today a few good names and some decent ones. Yesterdays were much better I thought. Also the snapnames domainfest extended auction ends today I really think the names are overpriced and many wont sell to domainers. Now if you have a development plan it is a totally different story.

I've been picking up quite a few names lately I'll post them sometime soon to see what you think. How have you been doing on the drops? I like doing the list because if I put a name on the list I figure its for my readers and I wont bid (I have a few times) so I spend less money because when I get in a bidding war I don't like to loose.

PhotoStickerPaper.com 892 searches with $4.40 cpc I have a photo paper minisite and it does quite well. Its something people buy online and not to hard to rank for the exact term.

MosquitoWipes.com Its not a drop the auction starts at $300 but living in Florida I really like this domain $900 estibot

ExerciseElliptical.com Another elliptical name this one is better than yesterdays with $5.34 cpc and $1,500 estibot value

HuntingRangeFinders.com Nice product domain for a solid ecommerce store perfect for a review site $1,400 estibot

BoneSaws.com Not a bunch of searches but could be sold to a surgical company for a nice profit

CalfFootMassager.com I could use one of these after my 4:46 mile yesterday :) 1,100 other people could too nice name

ToastedPecans.com 1600 exact searches with $2+ Cpc its a food so a website I don;t know but its a cool name

WhatArePennyStocks.com well scams and easy ways to loose and make money but mostly loose. But people search it 1,200 searches .net in use

SilverHipFlask.com Everyone has one of these (well not me) ((not yet)) .org in use

MeasureTape.com the thing the tailor and carpenter use

I used dropday and estibot to find these names and figure out which ones were worth posting for you!

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One Response to “A Few Dropping Names I like today”

  1. Joey Starkey
    February 17th, 2011 @ 2:26 pm

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    ToastedPecans.com would go great with my GourmetNutCompany.com.

    Not to mention I like pecans.

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