End of the Week! Product Domain Drops

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Made it through the week! I hope you enjoyed the names this week. Todays list is nice I hope you find something you like. If you have an area you like to see names from send me a note and I will try and include some more in that area. Or if you don't want to tell me your secrets take a look at dropday they have a free 10 day trial.

BlackSatinSheets.com 2,400 searches with 1.50 cpc its another product color domain

HeatedMittens.com Love this name estibot does too at $2,600

CarbonSkiPoles.com Nice name for winter sports, as a skier I see more and more carbon fiber poles they are so light and strong

StoveTopPercolator.com Nice product domain 800 searches and nice site for reviews amazon ebay etc

NetworkSniffers.com 1K estibot and high cpc would be a nice software comparison site for packet sniffers

PlasticMats.com So many things to like about the domain, $2.24 cpc not a huge number of searches but huge long tail potential

CommercialCookingEquipment.com Its expensive gear and with 3,000 searches and almost $2 cpc its a bargain for $59

WoodFoldingTable.com 3,600 searches I like table and wood names nice amazon store using phpzon

DoorBuzzers.com I have a great site that drop ships these for nothing

AcneSkinCareSystem.com Acne is a huge area online 400 searches $4 cpc

SlurpeeMachines.com Yum Yum I would love one of these in my room and so would 595 other people. But they are expensive.

WoodOfficeDesks.com Another wood table name, but this one is better with 1,100 searches and $3 cpc

AirLineFilter.com $8 at godaddy $3 cpc not to hard to make your money back

Enjoy the weekend! Don't spend all of it developing domains!

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