Friday 2/25 Product Domain Drops

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Its almost the weekend! I have a track meet this afternoon that I'm excited about, and I am also excited about a few of the names listed below. Today I listed googles numbers and estibots for some names. Enjoy them and if you don't like them you can use dropday to find some yourself! I like this name and I am seeing more and more touch screen tv remotes in houses Google says 880 exact searches with almost $2 cpc 880 google exact searches $4.78 cpc could also be used as a site about funny jokes or stuff told around the water cooler at the office. 720 exact searches via google with 1.30 cpc not huge numbers but a solid name PR 4 with backlinks and some searches already 13 bidders Estibot says 2,300 google says 390 its somewhere in the middle Perfect for an end user flip just search the keywords on google and you can find potential end users using similar domains. $3.20 cpc 260 G 855 E exact searches would be a nice adsense or amazon minisite bidding at $12 Acne names always sell for a nice price, 480 G searches 2,000 E searches I like acne names and I like review names.

Last but not least 1,600 G 855 E $2+ CPC 28 bidders


If you did not catch my post late last night Google updated their search algorithm if your a developer you might want to take a look. And have a great weekend!

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