Good Sunday .Com Drops

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Sorry I got these out a little late, was out to late last night. There are some nice names today, I'm going to list the google and estibot search numbers for names that they are very different. Nice name for end users 1,900 Google 5,400 searches with a $1.+ cpc 11,000 estibot value 1,000 google 2,900 estibot $4.32 cpc not a drop but a decent price 480 google, 878 estibot Nice medical product domain $6.20 cpc 51 Bids Product domain or just a fun website 320 g searches 1,200 estibot Nice cooking product name 210 google, 719 estibot searches Funny name but a real product! 210 g 475 e 260 searches $5.69 cpc Nice name for sale to lighting company $12 on godaddy 480 google 585 estibot end users on google Great product brand name for $12 A nice lead gen site

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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