Good Wednesday 3-30 Product Domain Drops

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A lot of Nice names today. I picked up yesterday and I am going to be trying to build a lead gen site on it. A few leads a month will easily make it worth it and maybe get me some free fishing trips. I am also working on a minisite series this week helping people build minisites step by step. Lots going on, there is also a South Florida Domainers meeting tomorrow night its going to be fun. Thanks to drop day for helping me find the names. Nice auto parts domain 1,100 estibot 590 google 320 searches with $2 cpc but not sure if people buy ringtones anymore I went to india! 1,900 searches has a UNISCO WHS in the center tons of places to print them nice commissions 2,000 estibot 480 google $7.62 High CPC These things are expensive 262 estibot 140 google $2.50 cpc never going to be huge but you know what they are looking for. 400 estibot 210 google $3.43 CPC 137 estibot 320 google We all hate them could be a site about rants 737 estibot 210 google $3.32 cpc Nice to sell to end users or do something with the 1,000 searches and $2.50 cpc Sell it to 290 estibot 360 google not bad for $12 I am going to college right :) 487 estibot 210 google 137 estibot 73 google 600 estibot 2,400 google 320 google at dynadot

If you missed my first two minisite post here is day one about picking a name andday two about design today is day three going over minisite content.



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2 Responses to “Good Wednesday 3-30 Product Domain Drops”

  1. Jack
    March 30th, 2011 @ 3:33 pm

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    Hi Brian

    I like but this is already gone.

    What is the best method to sell these product type domain names?


  2. TeenDomainer
    March 30th, 2011 @ 4:54 pm

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    Yea I liked that one too, You can sell them to end users but personally with a name like that I would have developed it.

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