I Spy my Expired Domain Auctions for Today 3/12

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Its the weekend! Some decent names today that I found. This weekend I have so much planned and I know I will not get to all of it but I hope to finish up a few new sites and minisites. My adsense and epn earnings are very strong this month so far and amazon is picking up I think it is because of phpzon. More post on development to come later. Take a look at dropday and estibot to help you find and value names.

OutdoorIpCamera.com 5,400 estibot 1,600 google exact searches with a high $2.50 cpc Would be able to sell products and get leads for installing them

8InchFryPan.com This name has value for development nice and specific. 256 and 30 searches, Its worth the $12

ShopShelves.com Can be a product name or like shop for shelves many similar names developed. 170 estibot 590 google $3.21 cpc

WirelessSecurityAlarm.com 2,300 estibot 720 google $4.84 cpc I like home security names like I said before sell products and also leads

RecordsStorage.com 31 bids already 7.37 cpc with searches

KoiPondFilters.com I really like this name it is plural nice specific store, 8,100 estibot 1,300 google $2.30 cpc

HomeCompostBin.com 110 estibot 210 google $2.82 cpc nice green eco name also TumblerCompostBin.com with similar stats

VacuumSealBag.com 317 estibot 170 google $1.50 cpc not bad for $10

VacuumParts.com A vacuum repair shop online?

CellPhoneRings.com I don't know if anyone uses ringtones anymore but its a short name.

DogObedienceBook.com Every dog owner needs one! only $12

Enjoy your weekend and get some sites developed!

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One Response to “I Spy my Expired Domain Auctions for Today 3/12”

  1. Jack
    March 13th, 2011 @ 5:44 am

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    These domain names look excellent opportunities. Can you share how do you find them? and what is the best way to sell these for profit?


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